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In August 1998, Hero Games released PRIMUS. Before there was PRIMUS the official supplement, however, there was PRIMUS the web site. And, as you can see below, many, many others!

This site also houses DeeJay's Champions Write-ups and Red October, the online archives of the great HERO Games BBS.

Armitage Investigations, Inc.
An old PBEM game where the PCs are 200 point supernormals in the San Francisco Bay Area and investigators for AI Inc., a private investigative company which "specializes in the extraordinary."

Armstrong Debacle
This is one of the defining events/plots of the Golden Hawks Universe. I'd wanted a plot which would expose PRIMUS and reveal VIPER to be a major threat, and VF-2 certainly seemed the vehicle for doing it. Orion, Olympian, Jade, and Firehawk all tell their own version of events, and they certainly do differ!

The first Super Agents game I ever played, and one of my favorites. Chessmen is an organization based loosely on DC Comic's Checkmate comic. Chessmen operate outside of the law and hold PRIMUS, SAT (WSS) and other official agencies in contempt, believing them to be bunglers; however, Chessmen's motivations are usually as noble -- if not more so -- than their federal counterparts. Chessmen are frequently at odds with VIPER and Raven.

Golden Gate Guardians
The Golden Gate Guardians began as a 400 point PBEM campaign in May 1996 and ended in May 1997. The site includes quite a few lengthy turns as well as detailed character backgrounds, art, and sheets.

The Hudson Hawks
You can find character backgrounds, art, and information about Jade, Firehawk, Orion, and Olympian, as well as the "Great Armstrong Debacle" page, in which the Hudson Hawks recount (in their own words) what actually happened with former Silver Avenger Kevin Armstrong.

The PRIMUS Resource contains detailed information about the Primary Response and Interdiction Military Unified Service, the federal government's answer to the paranormal threat. PRIMUS in this conception functions very similarly to the FBI, and must obey the same jurisdictional restraints. The site contains information about the locations of bases, equipment, a Q&A with the Golden Avenger, character backgrounds, art and character sheets for the Golden Avenger, the Silver Avengers, and other PRIMUS personnel as well as much, much more. Now a Hero Plus supplement!

Shelley's Guide to PBEM Champions
I wrote this a few years ago for Rogues' Gallery, but it's still decent advice. Of course, I'm biased.

Shelley's Original Characters
A repository for the original characters I've come up with over the years.

Wild Geese
The Wild Geese provide paranormal and high tech mercenaries at a steep cost to those who can afford it. Prices depend on the job and risks involved. Members of the organization are few, and very well paid. The site contains an explanation of the group, as well as art, character backgrounds and character sheets.

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